This is what I do for a living. I seem to do fairly well at it. I certainly don't claim to be the best so take what I have to share with a grain of salt. If you find something incorrect feel free to point it out so I can make updates to the site.

For The Uneducated, By The Uneducated

I'm currently teaching a friend so I figured I would share some of my information on here for the rest of the world to see. The heading here is a bit flippant but I state it as such because it is funny and in some respects it is the truth. Also, I dislike the overly arrogant members of my profession so I try to keep myself in check as I also hate hyprocrasy.

Much of my knowledge is self-taught. In that respect, I could be classified as uneducated. I find that my style of teaching tends to work well with others who are self-taught making them fall into the same nebulous category.


There are some universals of programming or at least near universals that are somewhat fundamental to this career. Here will be some recommendations.

Here are some Recommended Links for all of your computing needs.


  • Understanding Scope - Most of the code in here is written in JavaScript but the concepts are ubiquitous enough that this information should apply to most languages.


Pretty much the best language ever. I have no content to add at the moment but I just had to put that out there.


I once thought this was the best language ever. Again, I have no content yet. I'm just filling space at this point.


Years ago I may have smacked someone if they told me JavaScript was awesome. The last few years, however, it has made a very serious comeback. It still has some very annoying caveats but if you haven't looked at the language in a while you should take a new look at it.