About Zolan

Zolan is a personality of some computer geek named Jerry Kilpatrick. Jerry is a Sr. Software Architect at an international company. He does computery stuff and he also does 3D printery stuff. So Jerry's online personality Zolan asked if he could make a website and Jerry really couldn't say no. I mean, Zolan IS his online personality. Shouldn't HE be the one with a website?

Enough about the Jerry guy though. This is Zolan's website. In the grand scheme of life, it doesn't really matter who Zolan is. The most important thing to know is that when Zolan is talking about himself, Zolan always refers to himself in the 3rd person... Always.

All too frequently it seems Jerry has very little control over this Zolan guy.

Contact One of Them

Perhaps you want to tell Jerry that Zolan did something stupid. Perhaps you want to tell Zolan he is awesome. Perhaps you want to send death threats.

ProTip: Don't send death threats to a guy with multiple personalities. Either way you can reach both Jerry and/or Zolan at the following address.

Note: There is not actually any true DID (Dissacociative Identity Disorder) and if you do have DID and are offended I would like to apologize to your entire System. I truly mean no offense or disrespect. These two aspects of myself are truly, in a way, two different people.

ProTip #2: Also don't send death threats to people with DID or anyone else for that matter. It is just rude and almost certainly illegal. Don't be a jerk.