Amateur Radio Cheat Sheet

Maybe not a 'cheat sheet' but a 'quick lookup' page? Either way this will be filled with any equations or information I find unintuitive and might need to look up.

This page is in its infancy.


HT = Handheld Transceiver

Q Signals

QRN = Are you troubled by noise?


Converting Between Electrical Values

V = Voltage
I = Amperage
R = Resistance
P = Watts

Converstions between V, I and R

V = I * R
I = V / R
R = V / I

Conversions between P, I and V

P = I * V
I = P / V
V = P / I

Conversions involving P and R (Note: You can also get there the long way by calculating the missing V or I and then using the above equations.)

V = sqrt(P * R)
I = sqrt(P / R)
R = P / I^2
R = E^2 / P
P = V^2 / R
P = R * I^2

Frequency / Wavelength

F = Frequency In MHz
W = Wavelength In Meters

To calculate the wavelength in meters using the frequency in MHz, use:

W = 300 / F

To calculate the frequency in MHz using the wavelength in Meters, use:

F = 300 / W