Recommended Links

Here are some useful sites for various programming purposes.


  • Google - Well yeah... When you don't know something and don't know how to learn something, ask the googles... They know everything. EVERYTHING....
  • W3Schools - Even though this site is primarily web based information it also has information about things like how colors work in computing and SQL information as well.


  • Python Documentation - Python's documentation is absolutely amazing. It is more for reference than 'howto' but it is some of the best documentation out there.
  • Python Library List - This is a good place to find probably hundreds of thousands of Python libraries. It may not be an entirely comprehensive list but it is damned close.


  • W3Schools - This site is a great resource for web related stuff. This is one of my goto sites if I just need a quick bit of example or information.
  • jQuery API Documentation - If you are doing any jQuery work, and need to look something up, this is the place to do it.